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CDS 110b Schedule Project Course Text

This is the homepage for CDS 110b, Introduction to Control Theory for Winter 2014.


  • John Doyle,
  • Lectures: TTh, 2:30-4 pm, Ann
  • Office hours:TBD Ann

Teaching Assistants

  • Vanessa Jonsson, Nikolai Matni
  • Office hours: TBD


  • 8 Jan 14: Wiki Created

Course Syllabus

Course Desciption and Goals: CDS 110b focuses on intermediate topics in control theory, including state estimation using Kalman filters, optimal control methods and modern control design techniques. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to design and analyze control systems of moderate complexity. Students may optionally participate in a course project in lieu of taking the midterm and final. Students participating in the course project will learn how to implement and test control systems on a modern experimental system.


Note: students working on the course project will not be required to take the midterm or final. Instead, two project reports will be due documenting the experimental work performed as part of the class. In addition, students working on the course project are only required to complete the first 2 problems on each homework set.

Collaboration Policy

Collaboration on homework assignments is encouraged. You may consult outside reference materials, other students, the TA, or the instructor. All solutions that are handed in should reflect your understanding of the subject matter at the time of writing. MATLAB scripts and plots are considered part of your writeup and should be done individually. Use of written solutions from prior years or other sources is not allowed.

No collaboration is allowed on the midterm or final exams.

Course Text and References

The main course text is

You may find the following texts useful as well: